FILL good - Gable Top advice


Gable Top cartons are among the most highly rated types of packaging, particularly among those who are concerned about environmental sustainability.

More and more consumers are choosing to buy products in paper-based packaging from brands showing they share the same concern for the environment.

Lightweight, unbreakable and practical, Gable Tops are the containers of choice for those seeking freshness and quality, in balance with nature.

For manufacturers, they are an opportunity to differentiate and enhance their brands, and also to better meet distribution needs with a packaging solution that offers the widest variety of formats and is highly functional for transport and storage.

FILL good is at your side every step of the way to help you make the most of your Gable Top packaging solution.

From traditional to innovative products, the FILL good team supports you in finding the most suitable packaging material and technologies for your products and objectives, sharing expertise, resources and complete solutions:

  • Sharing know-how to help you make informed choices in line with your objectives
  • Freedom to choose paper manufacturers, you are not tied to a single supplier
  • Choosing the most competitive design and formats for your product and target market
  • Product analysis and packaging compatibility tests, also supported by organoleptic tests
  • Packaging trials on machinery with Galdi's support
  • Food safety training
  • Quick assistance in the event of contamination

FILL good also helps manufacturers already using Gable Top Cartons to develop innovative projects responding to new needs and objectives.

One example is the tethered cap: working with leading international paper and closure suppliers and supported by FILL good specialists, Galdi is ready for the transition to the new cap, ensuring robust processes and consistent sealing quality.The integration of the new technology is combined with a range of essential services to deliver a customised, competitive and complete packaging solution:

  • Testing to verify product compatibility with tethered cap (to determine and validate shelf life)
  • Sending of samples to carry out tests during production
  • Tethered cap supplier selection based on customer requirements