FILL good - Shelf Life and Food Safety


FILL good offers expert advice on Gable Top packaging.

As a specialist partner, it supports customers at every stage of project development and after-sales, providing the resources and expertise to meet all hygienic and microbiological requirements and objectives.

FILL good specialists support quality managers, lab technicians and external consultants selected by the customer in designing shelf life validation protocols, as well as maintaining and improving the necessary hygiene standards to ensure food safety in the production environment and on the shelf.

FILL good is the dedicated point of contact for manufacturers wishing to test new products, extend shelf-life or change the type of packaging or processes.

By conducting product analysis and compatibility testing - including microbiological analyses and organoleptic testing - on both packaging material and systems, FILL good offers full support to customers, working in close cooperation with Galdi.

FILL good also provides specialist training for operators, by sharing best hygiene practices for contamination prevention, verification of the filler's hygienic status and troubleshooting.

Food safety specialists can provide full support throughout the life cycle of Galdi packaging machines, ensuring prompt intervention in the event of microbiological contamination or shelf life issues.